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Ancestry Victoria was born from a life long interest in family history and the question - Where Did our Ancestors Come From?


Our range of Heraldry items and in particular the Armorial showing the Coat of Arms and the Surname history for anyone name gives a person with an interest in their family a possible guide to where the family first emerged.


This is at the opposite end from normal genealogy that starts from you, the history contained within an armorial goes to the beginning of the name, showing us where it was first recorded and the importance of the many variations in the spelling of a name.






Our Genealogical Research Service followed our ever growing search for a greater understanding of our family history.


Our own families had a certain amount of information on our family trees, which gave us a feeling of having roots. In fact we now have a family tree with thousands of names, and have found interesting details on many of them. 


These include convict records, military service records, immigration and naturalisation records, obituaries, wills and other less well known data, as well as the more usual birth, christening, marriage, death and burial details. 


Over the time we have unearthed many sources of data and become familiar with many of the quirks of searching that can lead to hidden treasures. While this started as a pursuit for our own pleasure, others noticed what we had achieved and started to ask us for help. That made us realise that we could assist other people who did not have the time, resources or other facilities to find their own ancestors and other family details. 



There is plenty of variety for us as each family search winds in different directions. 


The challenges can be most rewarding when we come up with things people never knew or imagined, and can provide our clients with facts to fill out fond family memories. 


We'd love to help you with yours. 


Anita and Ian  

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