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Highland Titles
a Lord or Lady

The perfect gift for the person who has everything!

Purchase a real Highland Estate and visit your land whenever you wish.

Highland folder

Contents of the Gift Set include:

A Legal Certificate of sale, Mini DVD Information Pamphlet, Car stickers and Registration Card.


This is the ultimate in unique gifts from Scotland and one that will be
remembered forever.

The title can be enjoyed immediately.
The land can be visited at any time.

Purchasing your very own Highland Estate will give you
the right to call yourself a Lord or Lady.

When you purchase this land you will also benefit from the knowledge
that you are making a
positive contribution to the environment.

The woodland is home to many species of Scottish flora and fauna and it can be enjoyed by people as an area of peace and tranquillity.

More information on the area see Highland Titles pg.

Plots available are

1 sq. ft. (30 cm x 30 cm),

10 sq. ft. (1 metre x 1 metre)

100 sq. ft. (3 metres x 3 metres) or

1000 sq.ft (10 metres x 10 metres)


To purchase your title contact us

or purchase in our secure online store


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