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Genealogical Research Service


 Have you ever wondered about your family tree? 


Have you some information, but would like to fill out more of the details? 


Have you heard some memories of past family members, but lack factual information to flesh out the full story? 



Our research can bring these details and more to you. Please read on. 




 For those that have been in touch with us in the past will know of our Heraldry Service this is now on our other website.





Heraldry Service


Do you know what was the origin of your family name? 


Or on the other hand have you ever wondered if there is a family Coat of Arms, and what it looks like?


Check out our Product page at www.heraldryvictoria.com that shows pictorial images of an Armorial, Coat of Arms and Surname history.
You will also find details of our First name meanings data on the First Name Meaning page.


or Visit our Web Service page to visit our web shop and look up your family name.




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