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Have you been watching:
"Who Do You Think You Are?" 
or "Heir Hunters?"

 These are two fantastic TV shows that are showing everyone some fascinating reasons to research their family tree. Not just a series of names and dates and places, but interesting things, such as:

  • What was life like for people back then?
  • Why did people migrate?
  • And so much more.

Have you seen the ads for Ancestry.com.au and wondered if it's as good as they say?

Why not give it a go without spending any money to start?

Yes, I like the idea of something for free too.

You can join Ancestry.com.au and have 14 days of free research.

Before you click on the button below, you may want to have all your information ready. Why waste time looking for papers and dates.
A little preparation will help heaps.



Once you start this journey into the unknown there is no turning back.
Yes, it is a major addiction.
You might even like to read one of our poems about it.

So you're already to spend the next 14 days digging up the skeletons
in your family tree?

Actually, as they say in their ads, you don't need to know what you are looking for, you just need to start looking!

Go ahead and click on the Learn More button
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